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TBS-110 Wireless Smoke Detector

TBS-110 is a wireless smoke detector designed for long distance transmission, the detector is composed of two parts: a LoRaWAN™ base and a independent smoke detector, the two parts works seperately, powerd seperately. LoRaWAN base can match mainstream smoke detectors and has wirelss communication capability which can solve the problems of not neworked for independent smoke detecor and need wire for tranditional networked smoke detector. the product can improve the construction efficiency and inforamtion level of fire protection system .

Key features

low cost: meet LoRaWAN™ specification, transmission distance 1~2Km

easy to install:  wireless communication, no wiring, reduce construction time and cost

easy to maintain: low power, lost contact alarm and dismantle alarm

convenience: users can monitor the fire information by webchat and mobile App

Application scenarios:

school, hospital, dinning hall, heating area

hotel, kitchen, heating area

nursing home, museum, dining hall







GB 20517-2006

protection area

≥45 m², refer to GB 50116-2013

Alarm volume

>80 dB

base indicator

green light flash indicates normal status report  

base power supply

DC 3.6V lithium battery , life time > 5 years

smoke sensor power

2 AAA 1.5V batteries, life time reaches 3 years

smoke sensor


CCCF certification

Temperature detection


once every minute1(configurable)
Status report intervals12h(configurable)


3 years

Wireless communication

Working frequency



125/250/500kHz  configurable

Wireless standard


Transmission distance

2 Km ( typical environment)

Physical parameters

Operating temp


Operating humidity

≤ 95%


diameter 120 mm,height 90 mm (include byse)


250 g

Installation pitch

60 mm

Shell material

White ABS